We held our WPPI photo walk 2018 at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino in late February. “Up Your Getting Ready Game, In the Most Rad Way!” was it’s name and photographing a groom getting ready was the game! Since we wanted to make the photo walk as real as possible, we held it in an actual hotel suite and brought in the impeccably classy Ryan Wagner of Bespoke Edge as our groom/model. (Btw, when you have a few minutes, and any time you need some solid style tips, check out Ryan on Bespoke Edge’s YouTube Channel!)

Our WPPI Photo Walk 2018

After getting to know one another for a bit, we walked our fellow photographers/participants through a few of the more common situations that we come across when photographing a groom getting ready in a hotel suite: photographing a groom’s details, a groom in the shower, a groom shaving, a groom getting dressed (buttoning a shirt, tying a tie or bow tie, putting on shoes, etc.). And we also gave a few hints on how to photograph details and a “getting ready sequence” quickly when you are strapped for time.

Our WPPI Photo Walk 2018: The “Tools” & the Photographs

We’re never too far from a prism, and we talked about a few other tools that are indispensable for us on a wedding day, esp. when we find ourselves photographing grooms in hotel rooms. Enter: MagMod and Tether Tools. MagMod’s modifiers allow us to shape and direct light in multiple ways (and we find the MagGrid and MagSphere particularly useful). As well, TetherTools grips and clamps are always useful, esp. the PowrGrip for the shower and the RapidMount for the walls. If you attended our photo walk live and in person, we dropped lots of tricks and tips … as well as camera settings. If you have any questions about any of the photographs here, hit us up! Instagram or email (BeRad@sunshineandreign.com) is best!

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Our WPPI Photo Walk 2018: The Sponsors

Our photo walk wouldn’t have been nearly what is was without the support of our awesome sponsors! SLR Lounge, MagMod, and Tether Tools, along with A & M Film and Photo, Cecilia (check out our review of Cecilia’s straps here), JPEGmini, and Tenba, supported our trip and let loose on some serious swag for our participants! And, finally, a shout out to our good friend (and fantastic model) Ryan (website, IG, and YouTube) of Bespoke Edge! Btw, you can still get a major hook up from JPEGmini; hit the link, use code SRJPEG, and save 20% on the very best photograph optimization technology, reducing the file size of your JPEG photographs by up to 5X! Yeah!!



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