Fun Art Activities To Do W/ Your Kids During Lockdown (Or Anytime!)


We’re all about fun activities with our crew, and we’re also all about finding ways to incorporate art into our homeschool activities. So, how about a fun art activity? You can easily spend a few hours on a project like this … And let’s be real: if you don’t have kids, or you have older kids? You know you want in on creating your own superhero or lightsaber. Scroll on to see what we came up with!

Recently, our crew wanted to write a story together, with the central characters being a group of superheroes who lived in different parts of the world.

The Superheroes!

First up, it’s the parental unit “The Black Sabre” and “The Pixie Heart” … What a dynamic duo, right?!

draw your own superhero fun art activity

Our oldest daughter loves Firestar (from “Spiderman and His Amazing Friends” fame), so she designed her heroine after her favorite superhero!


Likewise, our oldest son has a favorite superhero. He has always loved The Black Panther! Check out his rad design, Captain Claw!


Our 7 year old got super creative, creating a set of twins, with a sidekick (modeled after her favorite stuffed animal). So creative, right?


And you can get the whole family involved, even down to the youngest members of your crew … Check out what our 5 year old and our 4 year old came up with (we helped our 4 year old with the writing)!




A week or so ago, we were in the midst of a science lesson, when the crew started to wonder if a lightsaber was a feasible weapon. Could it be created? Are kyber crystals real? Etc. … Naturally, that led to coming up with some of our own designs and digging deep within the Star Wars canon. And, in case you’re wondering? Yes, black and yellow lightsabers do exist in the Star Wars universe!





More Ideas!

We’re always up to something. Fun art activities being a staple. Check out a few of our recent blogs for some useful homeschool tips here and here. And you can see what some of our crew are up to on YouTube:

“Origami w/ Ender”:

“Pop-ups with Valentine”:

Leave a comment or send us an email … We’d love to see your superhero and lightsaber designs! Stay safe, and stay rad friends!

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