Frequently Asked Questions

These are some answers to questions we get asked often.

If you’re looking for answers to questions you don’t see here, we would love to talk with you! Our goal is to get to know you so we can learn all about you and who and what you love … and who and what you want to celebrate through your photographic experience.

Back to those “Frequently Asked Questions” . . .

What’s your style? 

Our photography is based in a photographic experience where we help you to discover who and what you love and who and what you want to celebrate. We spend time getting to know you so that your love and your story shines through the photographs that you print in your custom albums and the wall art collections that you display on the walls of your home.

How do payments work?

A booking fee of $500 (weddings) or $250 (portraits) is due at the time of booking. For weddings, the balance is not due until 60 days before your wedding day. And, yes, if it’s convenient for you, we can absolutely work out a payment schedule that meets your needs.

How do we pay you?

We accept cash, check, or credit card. We use Stripe to process credit card payments, and it’s all hooked up to our booking system (we use Pixifi) so you are able to pay securely online (you’ll sign your contract online as well). After you book with us, we set you up with an online client portal so you can view your contract, print your invoices, etc.

Do you travel?

Yes! We take on a limited number of destination weddings and portrait sessions each year. We’re California-based wedding and portrait photographers, but we love traveling. And we’ve been all over, from Canada to Europe and from Peru to Brazil. We’ve even made it as far as Australia and New Zealand. Plus, we speak a few languages other than English too!

Is a second photographer included in your collections? 

We always photograph weddings together. If you book us, you book … well, us! Chances are you’ll see us both at your portrait session as well!

Does “All Day Coverage” mean you’ll really be with us all day? 

You know it! We come as early as you’d like, and we stay until the party is over …

How many photographs will we get? 

Our goal is for you to display your photographs, which is why our wedding collection includes a custom wedding album. That said, we realize we live in a social media era, and we typically deliver around 750 branded social media files for weddings. For portrait sessions, our clients typically purchase a wall art collection and also print their photographs in a custom album or portrait box.

When do we get to see our photographs? Because we can’t wait!!

We put tons of love into your collection of photographs. We typically meet with our couples a few weeks after their wedding (or their honeymoon) for the premiere of their photographs. And for portraits? We meet with our clients two hours after their portrait session for their premiere and design consultation.

Can we read reviews of your work?

You can read several of our reviews over at WeddingWire. We are also part of a select group of Phoenix wedding photographers with Fearless Photographers.

Do you carry insurance?

Yes! We are fully licensed, and we are insured through Country Financial.

What equipment do you use? 

We use Nikon exclusively (and favor D750s for our cameras and SB-910s for our off-camera flashes), with the exception of our vintage Polaroid Sun 660. You’ll also see us rock a variety of other gear that helps us achieve our style of photographs (always rad, always in camera): prisms, copper pipes, convex/concave lenses, and MAGMOD MagGrids. You’ll also see us rockin’ RL Handcrafts camera harnesses and Cecilia camera straps.

How do we book you, because we love you and your work? 

You can call us at 520-424-1832, email us direct at, or click on “CONTACT AMII & ANDY” to contact us via our website. We’ll be so completely stoked to hear from you, and we’ll give you a call back shortly!

Have the most beautiful rest of your day . . . And thanks so much for plowing through our FAQ!