Meet Amii & Andy (Founders, Consultation & Design Specialists, Lead Photographers)

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Thanks so much for wanting to get to know us a bit better. We love people and we love telling their stories. Our backgrounds are in education, and we spent years teaching in the inner city and south side of Milwaukee, WI, where our first 2 kids were born. The other 3 were born in Arizona, where we called home for about 8 years. Now? We’re rockin’ and rollin’ on California’s Central Coast, where the weather is always great, though a bit chilly since we lived in the desert for a good stretch. We would love to have you come and visit us at our gorgeous photography studio, located about a mile east of the Pacific on Arroyo Grande’s main drag, where its nestled amongst gorgeous gardens and fruit trees. Come and hang and take a tour! And when we aren’t at our studio, where we work and homeschool our crew at the same time? We’re most likely hanging with our Everyday family, training jiu-jitsu, working out in our pretty rad home gym, or surfing at our fave surf spot, “Wadsworth.”

It’s always our greatest honor to photograph the people and families (furbabies included, of course!) of the Central Coast, and we still do a bit of traveling (though we definitely limit our work-related travel and reserve it for the most epic celebrations of love). And shout-outs to our friends and industry partners who definitely make what we do possible: Tether Tools, Fundy Designer, Zeus, SLR Lounge, Tenba, Central Coast Wedding Professionals, and South County Chambers of Commerce.